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Mauna Kea and the flood
Jonathan Naone
interview on summit of Mauna Kea
December 21, 1999

My name is Jonathan Naone and I have a special feeling for this place. To us it is a sacred place because this is the place where the second generation of man happened.

Long time ago, in ancient history, there were two people that survived the flood. We have our flood story too. And the two people came up to this area on this mountain. And what they did was survive. But to survive, they knew that they were the only two people in the world. It was so devastating to them that they cried out to the Gods. And they said we are the only ones here on earth. This is like a punishment.

And so what the Gods did was come down. And they told them that, if you want to have more people to be with you, what you have to do is grab your mother's bones and scatter them upon this land, right upon this mountain. And so the wife looked at her husband and said, I'm not going to scatter my grandmother's bones on the ground. But the husband said, well, maybe the interpretation is that your mother is Mother Earth. And that the bones is the stones.

And so what they did was gather all the stones together around them. And without looking back, they threw the stones as they walked all over this mountain, throwing stones. And when they finished throwing the stones, they looked back. And the stones had gone underground. And when the stones had gone underground, that's when it started moving and taking shape. When these stones was taking shape, they looked human. But they were still underground.

But as they chanted, the stones started to fall into human beings, fully equipped with their weapons, fully equipped with their clothes, coming out of the ground. And this is how the second generation of man began, from this mountain. That's why this mountain is so sacred, because they survived on this mountain from the flood. And the second generation of man began because of these two people.

And that's why this mountain is so sacred. And all our high chiefs came from this mountain. They always say the high chiefs came from the cold lands, from the uplands. And so this is one of the places where they came from, our high chiefs of long ago.

And that's why, when we come out and we see this place, it is so sacred to us, because this is where the second generation of man began.

And my name is Jonathan Naone from Aloha ‘Aina. Aloha.


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