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Mauna Kea – Temple Under Siege

The Contemporary Pacific
With music performed by Brother Noland and striking footage of the mountain — its majesty juxtaposed against the telescopes — this documentary not only captures the importance of Mauna Kea to the Hawaiian people, but shows it as a symbol representing the larger controversy stemming from the differing values of the indigenous people of Hawai‘i and Western settlers…
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Clashing Cosmologies Above Hawai‘i
Asian Week
“Joan and Puhipau (of Na Maka o ka Aina, also creators of Act of War: Overthrow of the Hawaiian Nation) are two of the most important figures in [the] documenting of Hawaiian issues — they’ve been unflinching.”
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Questions of belief, questions of respect
Honolulu Weekly
Documentaries are in fashion as never before, but 22 years ago in Hawai’i two activist videographers were way ahead of the trend…
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Cultural Survival Quarterly
Mauna Kea: Temple Under Siege portrays the ongoing tensions between the Western scientific community's notion of progress and indigenous cultures' concept of the sacred…
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Mauna Kea documentary airs site's controversies
Ka Leo
A new documentary entitled "Mauna Kea: Temple under Siege" will show a Native Hawaiian perspective towards Mauna Kea's development on Oct. 22 at the Hawai'i International Film Festival…  
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Mauna Kea – Temple Under Siege, a stunning new film of living history
Hawai’i Island Journal
“Mauna Kea – Temple Under Siege” definitely comes from the Hawaiian activist perspective and makes no excuses about it…
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